About Us

Welcome to the home page of Boy Scout Troop 49.  Founded in 2001, we are currently chartered by Tri-City BPO Elks Lodge #2541 in Louisville, Colorado.  

Troop 49 is open to all boys who are at least 11 years old, have completed the 5th grade or have earned Arrow of Light as a Cub Scout, but are less than 18 years old.  

Troop 49… 

  • Scout-led with Adult guidance from trained, qualified leaders
  • Consists of Scouts from a multi-city reach of approx. 20 mile radius (25-30 active Scouts)
  • Utilizes the Patrol Method (the essential building block of a Boy Scout Troop)
  • Year round program that will challenge Scouts to learn to survive and thrive in all types of conditions
  • Provides leadership training and a safe environment to practice in
  • Community service is not something we talk about, it is something we do
  • Advancement program encourages development of outdoor/indoor skills and leadership competency
  • Merit Badge program promotes the investigation into many topics of interest.
  • Awards program (Scouting & non-Scouting) challenges & rewards Scouts in many fields of endeavor
  • Strives to develop friendships & camaraderie that leads to teamwork & group accomplishment
  • Develops a boy’s ability to work with people of all ages.  They are mentored to become mentors.
  • Packed with fun, active outdoor and indoor activities selected by Scouts.